#32: Breastfeeding Tips with Kylie Field (IBCLC)

breastfeeding tips

In this episode, I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing someone who has provided me with so much support and knowledge, right from the very beginning of My Little Eater! I’m talking all about breastfeeding with lactation consultant, Kylie Field, and I’m so excited to have you all listen to what she has to say. We go over all of the most common breastfeeding issues that moms encounter, and Kylie provides her expert knowledge on how to address them. I can’t wait for you to get all these details because, let’s be honest, breastfeeding isn’t always as easy as it looks!

If you’re a nursing mama, or if you’re pregnant and plan to breastfeed, this is an episode you can’t miss! Many, many mamas experience some hurdles when initially starting out on their breastfeeding journey, or sometimes in the middle of it too, and not everyone is able to access support, especially in these difficult COVID times. So, I’m bringing the support, tips, and tricks to you! 

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Additional Resources:

If you’re looking for some more specific help with breastfeeding, you can take a look at Kylie’s website, www.thenurturingtouch.ca, where she has a contact page for you to email her directly!

Eventually, your breastfeeding baby is going to need some solid foods too, which is where I come in! So, if you’re looking for help with figuring out feeding schedules, including fitting solids in around nursing, and want to learn all about feeding your baby or toddler, you need my online courses! For babies under 12 months of age and who are just beginning their journey into solid foods, enroll in my Baby Led Feeding online course. For babies over 10 months who have a solid foundation in feeding, so you’re now looking to prevent or manage picky eating tendencies, and tackle typical toddler behaviours, enroll in my Feeding Toddlers online course.



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Welcome Kylie! (3:31)

Poor/painful latch (8:54)

Cracked/sore nipples (15:05)

Engorgement (17:15)

Low milk supply (21:14)

Blocked ducts (24:48)


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